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School Year literacy Program now in full swing 2019/2020 school year!

NOV 24 Kindness Counts! -Kids Ranch & Mr. Rogers

We have some great news. There will be Trolley Rides provided around the parking lot day of show starting at 10:45am. There will also be some grown up Mr. Rogers "prizes" given away! So wear your favorite sweater bring your friends, spouse and join us for a great movie. 

Guess what? We're sooooo excited! Mark your calendars for Sunday November 24, 2019 Noon! Kids Ranch has partnered with Desert Star Cinema for a special showing of "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood". Friends and supporters of Kids Ranch will enjoy the movie for $5. (Just mention Kids Ranch when you purchase your tickets) 

Please join us for this great way to kick off the holiday season-speaking of "kick off" (you will have plenty of time to see the Packers vs 49ers game at 3:25pm) 

(Just so we are clear this is a child friendly movie and event but our prizes and the movie are meant for adults or older children. This is not a "kids movie" but a nostalgic look at Fred Rogers and his life)

Past Events

2019 Fitz's Corn Boil

These are just some of the activities that Kids Ranch has been a part of in 2019! We are so grateful for all of the support we  receive. 

2019 Brat & Bake Sale!

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