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Be a Sunshine Sustainer

A frustrated woman tries to assemble furniture.

Have you ever tried building a piece of furniture using poorly written instructions?


Frustrating, wasn’t it!


    You probably wanted to just give up the whole project.

    Maybe you even got angry and used some profanity.

You finally succeeded, but only after calling a help line, going online, or asking a friend.


Imagine feeling that kind of frustration every single day.


There are children sitting in a classroom right now feeling that kind of frustration because they can’t read. They can’t read because of undiagnosed learning disabilities or mental wellness issues or poor health. And because they can’t read, they can’t do their schoolwork.  They want to give up, they are angry, and they might even use profanity. 


They need a help line and a friend in order to figure out what they are supposed to do. 


You can provide that help line. You can be that friend.

By pledging a monthly gift to Kids Ranch, you will be a Sunshine Sustainer. You will give a frustrated child access to tutoring and mental wellness counseling year-round.  You will help a child build something much more important than furniture. You will help them build a future.


Take a minute to set up an automatic withdrawal from your PayPal or credit card account—just a minute to give a child hope and the sweet feeling of success every single day.  


Prefer to use a check for your monthly gift?  Contact Penny.  We will send you a packet with a year’s worth of stamped addressed envelopes for your convenience.

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