School year Program

Our mission is to build caring, capable, and confident kids by helping them overcome illiteracy, low self-esteem, and adverse childhood experiences.   

The Kids Ranch school-year program provides literacy tutoring and mental wellness counseling for children ages 6-10.  Students from four different school districts are paired with volunteer tutors 1-2 times a week.  The tutors, are trained by our licensed education coordinator. They utilize a highly successful brained-based multi-sensory phonics technique called “Synthesizing Phonics” that engages kids who aren’t thriving in the classroom.


In addition, our child and family therapist provides counseling, as well as identifying and referring children to appropriate medical and academic resources. 

The life situations of many of the children we assist are very challenging. Many of the children live in poverty, have experienced violence and abuse, struggle with depression, anxiety, undiagnosed learning disabilities, anger, grief and trauma. Some have experienced homelessness or more than one abandonment through addiction or incarceration of a parent. Kids Ranch is an early intervention and prevention program, as well as a support system for 150 at-risk children.

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