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Owen's Story

I Am So Proud of this Remarkable Young Boy!

By Teresa Parker, Mental Health Coordinator for Kids Ranch

Owen was seven years old when he first came to Kids Ranch; he was in 2nd grade in the public school. His Mom contacted us because he wasn’t reading; he hated reading! He announced that very clearly when he first came. His voice cried, “No! I don’t want to! I hate to read!”; he could be heard throughout the building. Owen would shout from his hiding place under the chair when I first worked with him. Initially, he had several meltdowns to emphasize that he hated reading, kicking the table's leg for emphasis. And so, we began. Continue Reading

George's Story


By Teresa Parker, Mental Health Coordinator for Kids Ranch

I have been blessed to be not only the mental health coordinator of the Kids Ranch program for the past several years but also to be able to tutor several special needs children. One of the children I have tutored this past year is so special to me. I want you to meet him. We will call him George.


George was seven years old and in second grade when I started working with him. He was the cutest and most petite 2nd grader I have ever seen! His mother, Karen, asked for help from Kids Ranch because she was concerned that he was not learning to read. Continue Reading

Belle's Story

By Teresa Parker, Mental Health Coordinator for Kids Ranch

Here is a beautiful and uplifting story about a young girl with new dreams about her future!


We met Belle this past summer when she attended the Kids Ranch's day camp. She was a fifth grader who was incredibly quiet and shy and seemed to struggle to talk with the other campers. However, with a bit of encouragement, she could participate in activities, and overall, she had an enjoyable time at camp.


During our two-week day camp, we regularly have small mental health groups where the children learn to build resiliency and learn new coping and communication skills. They are taught how to challenge their negative beliefs and assumptions and the importance of setting healthy boundaries. 


During the first week of camp, I met with Belle one-on-one to give her a Self-Esteem Check-Up and to ask how we could make it easier for her to interact with other kids. During my first mental health meeting with Belle, she told me that a girl in her class was bullying her. She described the put-downs the girl often told her and said she felt bad about herself every time it happened. Sadly, she said she didn't know how to stand up for herself. Continue Reading

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