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Kids Ranch in your will

Making a legacy gift in your will or trust is one of the easiest and most popular ways to partner in the Kids Ranch mission. Here are the most common ways that you can make a personal impactful gift to Kids Ranch

  • List a specific dollar amount  (Example: a $5000 gift)

  • Specify a percentage of your estate  (Example: 2% of the value of your estate)

  • Identify a specific tangible asset such as collections, art, books, jewelry, etc.

  • Specify a percentage of the remainder of your estate after other interests and family members have been cared for

Two girls pose on the porch at Kids Ranch

To designate Kids Ranch in your will, please use the following information:

Kids Ranch, Inc.

EIN: 39-1944952

Mailing address: PO Box 219, Baraboo, WI, 53913

Kristie Gander, Executive Director

Kristie Gander

Executive Director


  • Do you have questions?
  • Do you want more information?
  • Have you already included Kids Ranch in your estate planning?
I would love to talk to you!

For informational purposes only.  You should consult with your tax advisor, financial planner, or attorney to determine which planned gift strategy is best for you.

Three boys posing in the kitchen at the ranch.
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