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25 Years of Kids Ranch

1998 – 2023

Join us on September 10th for the celebration!


What does Kids Ranch do?


We offer free or low-cost tutoring, mental wellness counseling, and a summer day camp experience for struggling children ages 6-11. Our mission is to build caring, capable, and confident kids by helping them overcome illiteracy, low self-esteem, and adverse childhood experiences.  Find out more:

Who does Kids Ranch serve?

We seek out children who are challenged by poverty, learning disabilities, trauma, abuse, or other difficult situations. We give them hope and Sunshine Moments by teaching them resiliency and reading skills.


I know someone who needs help from Kids Ranch. What do I do?

Please contact us!  We want to help!

How can I help?

Your gift of time and money will change the future for a struggling child. 

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